Friday, March 27, 2009

Throw an Eco Potting Party

Eco PotsForget the standard, stuffy dinner party you were hosting on Saturday night. Instead, treat your guests to an event that’s fresher, more fun and – best of all – environmentally friendly: Invite them to a “Potting Party!” You supply the backyard and a selection of planting containers. Your guests bring potting soil and seeds. While the burgers sizzle on the grill, everybody’s busy planning and planting a gorgeous new mini-garden to take home when the party’s over. Eco PotsYardiac brings fashion and function to the party with our collection of Eco-Friendly Pottery. Designed to replace wood, plastic or clay containers, these pots are made from byproducts of renewable sustainable materials such as rice straw, wheat straw, bamboo and reeds. Eco-Friendly Pottery withstands years of rain, humidity, heat, freezing and thawing. What's more, these pots are so resilient and environmentally friendly, you can even plant them. And three attractive organic color selections (Chocolate, Goldenrod and Moss) mean you can be both environmentally conscious and style conscious. Best of all, once their useful life is over, you can toss Eco-Friendly Pottery in good conscience, knowing these containers will quickly break down into nutrient-rich organic matter in the landfill.

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