Saturday, July 11, 2009

All Natural Fire Ant Killer

Killing Fire Ants is relatively easy as long you are comfortable using a chemical insecticide. However Most of the chemical fire ant killers 'sound the alarm' and enable many of the queens to escape and simply relocate to form new mounds three to five feet from their original location. We have found an effective and safe alternative. It is called True Stop AKA 'the silent killer.' The patented process causes the colony to die a slow and natural death while simulating a normal virus within the nest, so they don't relocate to another area within your lawn. Once a mound is treated with True Stop Fire Ant Killer, ants become non-aggressive and within 24 hours, it's possible to witness dead ants being removed from the mound, including the winged reproductive queens and the males. Additionally, there is no environmental damage. Yardiac tested this product in Greenville SC (The Fire Ant Capital of the World) and had very positive results.

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