Thursday, July 09, 2009

Rain Resistant Goose Repellent

Once geese inhabit an area, the flock continues to grow, bringing a "hideous harmony of honks" (not to mention the other negatives). Yardiac offers a goose repellent spray that works -- protecting against grass damage and the fouling of geese. Geese are turned away by the taste and odor -- encouraging the foul to find other places to graze! One application of Yardiac Goose Repellent makes the food supply in the application area undesirable to geese, turkeys and ducks. The elimination of the food source will completely change the feeding habits of these birds and cause them to look for a more desirable feeding location. Used commercially for years on lawns, fields, paths, sidewalks. Apply this stuff anytime of the year and Say Goodbye To Your Geese!

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