Tuesday, July 07, 2009

TEC Infra-red Grills - Named Best Grill on the Planet

TEC Grills The concept of infra-red radiant energy still mystifies many people. First, its not nuclear radiation and Infra-red energy is extremely beneficial in cooking because it does not dry food out the way hot air does. There is a scientific reason for this: In nature everything is surrounded by a boundary of stagnate molecules of air and water. Infra-red can penetrate this boundary without disturbing it, directly transferring the energy to food with minimum moisture loss. There are crucial differences between TEC infra-red grills and charcoal grills. Most importantly, although charcoal radiates infra-red energy, this radiant heat consists no more than 25% of the energy produced in charcoal grilling. The remaining 75% or more of the heat generated is hot air and hot air dries out food as it cooks it. But TEC grills cook with 100% infra-red energy so even well-done meat remains tender and juicy. They also reach full cooking capacity in about 7 minutes. Charcoal takes about a half an hour. TEC GrillsWith TEC infra-red grills, there are no flare-ups or charring of food as with charcoal grills. TEC grills distrubute heat with absolute uniformity - and they do it the same way every time! You know how difficult it is to regulate heat from charcoal. Finally, TEC infra-red grills burn very cleanly and don't add dust to food the way charcoal does. And there is no ash to clean up and throw away later. Yardiac is Proud to be an Exclusive Distributor of TEC Grills

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