Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ornamentals That Love the Sun - Sedums

Got a bright, sunny spot that needs some company? Over the past three days we have discussing three ornamentals that will fill this void - today we'll feature Sedums. Sedums Sedums, also called stonecrop, are versatile plants. You don't need a green thumb or hours of spare time to grow sedums. They thrive in almost any sunny site as long as the soil drainage is good. They're drought tolerant and not picky about soil fertility or pH. They're also easy to propagate, which makes them a definite favorite of mine. For gardeners new to sedums, you will love sedums because they are easy to grow and widely available. The foliage typically until early fall. it produces clusters of intensely pink-red flowers. 'Ruby Glow' grows to about 8 inches tall and is perfect as an edging plant for a perennial border Classification: Perennial Growing Zones: 3-10 Sun Exposure: Loves - Full Sun Soil Moisture: Moist, well-drained Soil Types/Tolerance: Normal, loamy, Clay, Bloom: Early Summer to Early Fall Uses: Cut Flowers, Border, Beds, Ornamental

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