Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wasp & Yellowjacket Late Summmer Season

Yellowjacket and wasp populations are peaks from in August and will stay active through the late summer and fall as they forage for winter food. They are more aggressive than other stinging insects and can sting numerous times without losing their stingers. Our wasp trap, called the Waspinator, is easy to use, and comes with everything you need to enjoy pest free family picnics, dinners on the deck or a party on the beach. Once the Waspinator is out of the packaging, puff it out as large as it can be, secure the drawstring at the base and hang the bag from the loop at the top. The Waspinator works very much like a scarecrow does. It scares wasps away from the protected area. Yellow Jackets and wasps are visual insects. They depend on a keen sense of sight to catch moving prey. Wasps and Yellow Jackets are also very territorial and will never enter into an area where another colony's hive or nest is located. The Waspinator creates the appearance of a foreign nest and if a yellow jacket or wasp enters the area in search of food, as soon as they spot the foreign nest, they immediately leave the area for fear that the wasps from the artificial nest (Waspinator) will attack them, thus ridding your patio and yard of wasps, yellow jackets and hornets

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