Friday, September 18, 2009

Buying and Placing a Toad House

Toad Houses A good toad house should be airy and provide shade and cooling to the toad. It shouldn’t be a "hot box". The house should ideally have no bottom, so the toads can burrow into the soil under the house if they'd like to. If it is a house with a bottom, you can bury the bottom of the house into the dirt a bit, so at least they will sit in dirt and not on resin or clay, but since toads like to burrow, they might find such a house less attractive than an open bottomed one. Toad HousesThe toad house should be placed in a shady place, not in the middle of a garden that gets direct sun for 6 hours straight. It would be wise to set the house in the middle of lots of plants or under a bush, that way, its in the garden where the toad can eat all the insects, but its not out in the middle of nowhere with the sun beating it. Remember, toads are nocturnal and avoid sun to avoid dehydration. Also, the house should be near water of some kind, even if you provide the water dish yourself, which is what we do. Toads just like to soak in the water, not swim, so it doesn’t need to be deep but it does need to be refilled often. It will also help if your garden has lots of worms and crickets and other insencts in abundance

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