Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Toad Abode - Do You Need One?

Buying a Toad House Yes, Toad Houses really do work! OK, so you may not find toads to be beautiful however toads will do some rather amazning things in your garden. Toads can eat thousands of insects from your vegetable garden or flower bed. The majority of the nasty pest insects you are trying to get rid of are insects that are eaten by toads. A toad or two in your vegetable garden is a blessing. Contrary to wanting to get rid of them, you should want to encourage them to come and hang out in your garden. Here are a few facts; a single toad can eat about 110 beetles, ants, June bugs, grasshoppers, slugs, moths, sowbugs, armyworms and other bugs every day. That's around 3,300 every month! Toads are most active at night, so during the day they Toad Homesneed a fairly dark, cool place to hide from the sun and predators. Encourage these bug-hungry hunters to have a nice long stay in your garden by providing a toad house. There are many toad house options. One is to make a simple hiding spot by using half of a terre cotta flower pot. The toads can go in it like a cave. It can have its own charm and be landscaped into the design of your garden. You also can buy a toad house.

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