Friday, September 11, 2009

Deck Torch on Steroids

Looking for a BIG Flame - check out Yardiac's Big Wave Patio Torch. We travel to all of the industry trade shows and this is truly the largest flame we have ever seen on a Patio Torch. It is the Garden Torchworlds first garden torch using the "Advanced Burning Control" technology. It was engineered by Denmark's Pipe-Line and uses a patented combustion chamber. The Big Wave Torch provides a fantastic and unique bon fire in your garden, which with the simple click of a lighter, creates ambience and an all year round eye catcher. The ABC technology allows a very clean and minimum-smoking torch without the hazard of flying embers and sparks. Big Wave torches are also equipped with a click lock for added safety if the torch falls over. The flame is easily extinguished with the snuffer which also keeps the durable fiberglass wick dry and ready for use in all weather conditions.

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