Sunday, September 13, 2009

Seed Balls - Good For Your Garden -Better for Your Community

Seed balls (AKA SeedBallZ)were historically sown by Native Americans to prevent Seed Ballsbirds from gobbling up their valuable seeds, but they are now made in the USA in work supportive programs for developmentally disabled workers. There are easy to plant; Just toss on prepared soil and keep watered! Seed balls can be stored in a dry, cool place for up to 3 years before planting. Press SeedBallz into the ground, pots, or scatter in fields (8 to 10 inches apart, or closer for a more compact look). 8 SeedBallz (per package) is enough to cover approx. 8 sq. ft. or 1 sq. ft. per ball. Each one of the SeedBallz contains approximately a whole packet of seeds, depending on the seed size. Germination time is approximately 7 to 45 days. Store SeedBallz in a cool, dry place. Here is a nice video on how to plant Seed Ballz

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GWSDCC said...

"Historically used by Native Americans". I haven't been able to find evidence of this despite lots of efforts.
They're really great though.
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